Friday, November 13, 2009

2012: A Pyramid Scheme

In the new movie 2012, John Cusack plays a science fiction writer. Appropriate, because to Mayan doomsday believers, science fiction is interchangeable with science fact.

You'll remember that back when the millennium was approaching, Nostradamus-linked doomsday forecasting was all the rage. Then the millennium came and nothing happened. Now chumps who know even less about the Mayans than they did about Nostradamus are convinced that this time, it's for real!

Well unlike other popular doomsday scenarios like global warming, if the 2012 apocalypse is true, nothing can be done about it. It is basically preordained. So why sweat it? Why not just party accordingly? Hell, buy a new car. Chances are, your first payment won't be do until 2013.

Many 2012 believers even seem to be rooting for the world to end. If you're one of them, why wait for 2012? Why not just off yourself now? Like that old saying goes: Think globally, act locally.


Calvin Dodge said...

My wife's therapist believes that 2012 crap (she's sensible on some other issues, or I wouldn't be paying for the sessions). I wonder how she'll deal with being alive the next day?

Paul said...

It's kind of stupid to listen to mayans, their world ended long time ago...