Thursday, January 5, 2012


I do not trust democracy. I do not trust the wisdom of "the people."

If you disagree, check the comment section for any Internet article about any topic anywhere in the world. It is the biggest bunch of morons you will ever encounter. There is something about anonymity and "having a voice" that brings out the worst in people.

Far from being a meaningful global exchange, what comment sections amount to is a guy from Sweden competing with a guy from Russia to see who can say "douchebag" the most times.

It is a good thing they didn’t have comment sections during the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa would have been taken out of circulation because Da Vinci would have spent all day reading comments like: “The reason Mona Lisa’s not smiling is because this painting sucks. DISLIKE!”


Anonymous said...

commenting on this article just created a space time paradox. douchebag!

Anonymous said...

My son, a PhD student at Berkeley, told me that one of his friends is doing a study on Youtube comments. I have never met this friend of his, but I have never felt more pity for a person in my life.