Saturday, March 16, 2013

Squeaking Truth to Power

The subway I frequently ride runs past a few colleges, including one for women only. This means I'm lucky enough to overhear the dreams, delusions, and disinformation spouted by America's future embarrassments-in-chief. A slice of conversation I was treated to:

And the professor, he just kept talking about global warming, you know, just so outspoken about it. Just, you, really outspoken.

And this woman would know about climate, because I'm sure she took many rigorous science classes while majoring in Transgender Ceramic Studies.

When people discuss outspokenness as an inherently good thing, it makes me want to eat lit dynamite. No one this side of Andromeda actually believes outspokenness is an inherently good thing. You know when you like someone who is outspoken? When you agree with the things he is outspoken about. You know when you hate someone who is outspoken? When you disagree with the things he is outspoken about. When your boss becomes outspoken about your incompetence, you seldom sing the praises of his candor.
People who assume the glories of outspokenness only apply to their own views is nothing new, of course. I'm sure when Joseph Goebbels became Propaganda Minister, the subway riders of 1933 were forced to hear:  

I love how Goebbels was so outspoken out the Final Solution! He soooo didn't back down! I wonder if he'll sign my dreidel?

The only thing keeping me from stabbing my eardrums out is the fear I would end up encountering a bunch of outspoken deaf people.

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