Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five reasons we accept the hearsay about Buddha more than the hearsay about Jesus

Fairly often we're reminded by professors, pundits, comedians, and your better read ice cream men that Jesus never wrote anything down. We're reminded that his sayings and biography come to us via people who wrote about them many years after he was gone. Each time I hear this, the person saying it acts like he's the first to say it, and that because he's brought it to light, all the churches are going to be empty next Sunday. You gotta envy a guy who walks around believing every word out of his mouth goes to a global PA System.

The Buddha also wrote nothing down (he didn't even tweet, talk about sacrifice). Not once in my life have I heard this brought up. When the Buddha is mentioned, no one hustles to his feet to make the big announcement: "How do we really know what the Buddha was all about when we don't even have his exact words?!"

Some reasons this isn't brought up:

1) The pundit class exalts all things Eastern.

2) The pundit class that exalts all things Eastern possesses no knowledge of anything Eastern.

3) You cannot make a living ribbing Buddhism.

4) Unlike Christianity, Buddhism is focused on a message rather than an icon.

5) Followers of the Buddha are less annoying than followers of Christ, so poking them in the eyes isn't as enjoyable.

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