Monday, May 20, 2013

The IRS is US

Back in April, during the gun control discussion, the President dismissed "suspicion about government," the foundation of many gun advocates' fears, because after all "the government is us."

OK, if Obama and friends are the government, why is he denying involvement in this IRS scandal? The IRS is part of the government, and he IS the government, so doesn't that make it impossible for him not to be connected to it?

It isn't merely concern about the people at the top of government that makes people suspicious. The executors who implement and enforce those policies also generate major suspicion and concern. The government's lowlier agents are the ones most people encounter, so they probably cause more concern than the top level folks they report to.

How typical: when something happens that the President favors, the government is he and he acolytes. When something happens he wishes to deny, suddenly it is the work of "rogue agents."

The government admits rogue agents exist, but continually smears citizens who worry about them.

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