Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why more reporters need to be punched out

After a celebrity explodes on a reporter, the news coverage that celebrity enjoys is about identical to the coverage they give escaped zoo animals. It isn't hard to undress the reason; fellow reporters are doing the covering.

But why do the rest of us buy into it? Because we've swallowed this notion about the sanctity of the press.

Even if you subscribe to the theorem that an energetic press is a "public good," I don't see how the entertainment press fits this criterion. Psychos with cameras do not enhance the national discourse, nor do they keep us free from the potential tyranny of overdressed eye candy on red carpets. A lack of Kim Kardashian stretch mark pics will not trigger another Watergate.

Let's remember how reporters cover celebrities: they swarm around them, doing all they can to catch them in an embarrassing moment. If they don't catch such a moment, they try to catalyze one. They will crowd the celeb and pelt him with unbelievably insulting questions. Sometimes they will push him.

When they say "shove a microphone in his face," they mean it.

Celebrities, or anyone with a camera in his face, remain humans, and humans don't care if someone is a reporter when they're being crowded and insulted. For those who think celebrities should just "get over it," picture how you would react if you were doing your morning jog and a stranger jumped in your face and said, "Talk to me about that time you fucked up so I can spread the word about it to other people."

It is unlikely you would offer him half your Cliff Bar.

You might rejoin that society makes exceptions in the social code for certain professions; e.g., a doctor being able to touch you in ways others cannot. True, but if a doctor goes too far with the groping, retaliation in the form of lawsuits (at the very least) is in order. If a doctor shoved you to try to get an answer about your health, no one would say the doctor was just "doing his job."

I want see more athletes giving 110% to attacking journalists:

I want to see more actors doing some method research on what it feels like to swat a camera-wielding oaf:

If reporters are going to cover celebrities who fight back like they're escaped zoo animals, it is only fair we should occasionally see a reporter mauled like a slow-witted lion tamer.

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