Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Identity Realpolitiks

Although the elites remain willfully/and or naively blind to the facts, the events in Ukraine are a reminder that paperwork alone doesn't make a people. Identity politics still exist. Perhaps they're even more notable in the Age of Globalism, and not just in "non-Western" countries like Russia and Ukraine.

Cuba is still an issue in swing state Florida. It isn't such a big issue in North Dakota.

A consistent source of funding for the IRA came from...Boston, from people several centuries removed from Oliver Cromwell.

Hey, speaking of identity politics, a factor behind Ukraine's fracture was a large population of Ukraine-residing Russians. A stroke of a pen didn't seem to make them forget this.

As the world becomes ever more globalized, my suspicion is we'll see new and ever more interesting identity flare-ups. The US, with its 140+ country empire and eclectic population might want to ponder this before it does any more military busybodying (did I mention Oliver Cromwell?).

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