Monday, April 28, 2014

Not just a gigolo (unfortunately)

Even in our "sex positive" age, the following assumptions persist:

A man who sleeps around, chases women...he's labeled A MISOGYNIST!

A woman who sleeps around isn't labeled a slut quite as quickly. Instead, everyone immediately assumes SHE'S SEEKING A DADDY!

On the one hand, we're telling everyone casual sex is OK, we must depart from the puritan past, the shackles of tradition shan't chafe our fair wrists any longer. But the minute we start putting those slogans into practice, everyone becomes a wind-up psychiatrist.

If anything, this makes today's society more puritanical. Insults like cad or slut are superficial and can be cast off fairly easily by settling down. Misogynist and daddy seeker are much deeper insults, alleging far more entrenched and pathological maladies. You can't go to confession one Sunday and wash off the stench of misogyny. You have to visit a shrink (today's replacement priests) for several years to tug out all the weeds of woman-hating clinching your intestines.

Of course, a society that even tolerates a term like sex positive is obviously far from sex positive, and expecting everyone's love life to obey the psychiatrically approved commandments is about as sex negative (and puritanical) as it gets. But don't tell that to Prozac Nation. They'll assume you're looking for an excuse to be a daddy seeker who only dates misogynists.

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