Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Only a Proven Loser can Keep the GOP from Losing

I'm having a good laugh about this talk of installing Paul Ryan as GOP candidate through a "brokered" convention. Ryan didn't even carry Wisconsin for Mitt Romney. All the arguments being made in favor of Ryan were made verbatim about Jeb before his campaign started, and we see how that is working out. There isn't real appetite for establishment candidates among Republican voters.

If something technical were done to deny Trump (or Cruz) the nomination the backlash against the GOP establishment would go nuclear, so Ryan would get harangued daily by populist GOP media (not to mention MSNBC, NYT, etc.), making his eventual defeat extra ignominious. Whomever gets the nomination loses to Hillary anyway, it is just a question of whether the establishment finds a way to feel good about their loser.

As for Ryan's new beard, as sociologist Jimmy the Greek noted, women don't trust candidates with facial hair. Ryan would probably make a decent personal trainer, but is out of his depth in any other field. He won't stop Trump from combing over the competition.

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